Advanced ConfigurationΒΆ

The default Fakerino configuration parameters are the follows:

fakerinoTag = fake
locale = en-GB
fakeFilePath = /data

fakerinoTag is used to identify complex object to fake inside the configuration. If you want to change the fakeFilePath, it must point to your custom fake files folder directory as follow:


Your directory must contain one or more locale directory on it like:


If the path is not correct Fakerino simply will return a random string instead of throwing an error.

It’s possible to override every parameters using a configuration file.

Example of custom configuration

$conf['locale'] = "en-US";
$conf['fakerinoTag'] = "mycustom";
$conf['fakeFilePath'] = "/your/file/path";
/* fakeFilePath is without slash at the end
   and must contain at least the en-Us folder on it /your/file/path/en-US */

$conf['mycustom'] = array(
'mycustom-one' => array(
'mycustom-two' => array(