Available Fake Data

Generating fake data is really easy, you can just call the Fakerino fake method with the desired type:


NOTE The name inside the fake method is NOT case sensitive.

Below a list of the current supported fake data.

Framework core data

  • Text,
    • options:
      • length (default:[3-20])
      • addChar (used to add new chars to the default ones 0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz)
  • Integer,
    • options:
      • length (default: [1-5]),
      • negative: true|false (default:false),
      • type: decimal, hex, octal, binary (default: decimal)
  • Date,
    • options:
      • format: es Y-m-d
      • startDate: 2015-01-01 (will fake a date into the startDate - now range)
      • endDate: 2016-01-01 (in combination with startDate could fake date into range startDate endDate)

ODS data

Fakerino, from version 0.2.0 integrates the Open Data Sample Project, you can access to all the ODS data by simply call the filename.

For more information see the List of available fake files.

If you need more data, you can add it without any particular programming skill.

The ODS data files are a simple text files and every element is separated by new line.

Regular expression

With the regular expression support is possible to fake every kind of custom data, additional information on functionalities section.