Use Composer to manage the dependencies of your project.

Inside your project folder

composer require fakerino/fakerino
cd vendor/fakerino/fakerino

Like a stand-alone project

composer create-project fakerino/fakerino fakerino

NOTE the last paramenter in the above command is the project folder and could be changed with a custom one, example:

composer create-project fakerino/fakerino myFakerinoFolder

Open Data Sample Project

From the version 0.2.0 Fakerino integrates the Open Data Sample Project, it means that when Fakerino it’s installed the first time, automatically all the files from the ODS project will be installed. If in future you want to update the ODS file (because there is some additions) you must run that command from the Fakerino project folder: build/ods

NOTE the command could overwrite files in the data/ folders